Advisory Work

Supporting firms & researchers

My advisory work focuses on consulting firms and researchers on data analytics, data protection, and data management.

Gapster’s enables users to find jobs with a higher-paying salary.

Data Analytics

I advise on economic theory and statistical models to detect companies offering jobs with a higher-paying salary.

Data Management

I support the processing of data to conduct the statistical analysis. enables business users and data scientists to make better & faster business decisions via Artificial Intelligence.

Data Analytics

I support the construction and development of forecasting models in time-series contexts.

Data Management

I advise on the contents and usability of repositories for users.

ERC Advanced Grant

The European Research Council (ERC) funds this project with almost 2,000,000€. The project aims to analyze the economic consequences of restrictions on the usage of cookies.

Data Protection

I help to address concerns regarding data ethics when processing personal data.

Data Management

I support the team on managing data in line with the FAIR principles according to the European guidelines.


Lennart Kraft



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