Advisory Work

Supporting companies & researchers

I advise companies and researchers on various data related topics such as management, ethics, security and analytics.

Gapster’s project enables users to find jobs with a higher salary.

Detecting Hidden Champions

I advise on economic theory and statistical models in order to detect companies which offer higher paying jobs.

Decision Making

I support decisions via experiments to optimize the functioning of the project. helps business user and data scientists with accurate forecasts to enable better & faster business decisions.

Data Repository Development

I advise on the contents and usability of repositories for users.

AI/ML Models

I support the construction and development of forecasting models.

ERC Grant

This project is funded by the European Research Council and analyzes the economics consequences of restrictions on the usage of cookies.

Data Management

I support the team on how to manage data in line with the FAIR principles according to the European guidelines.

Data Ethics

I help to address concerns regarding data ethics when processing personal data.


Lennart Kraft



Raum 1.202 im RuW-Gebäude
Theodor-W.-Adorno-Platz 4
D-60323 Frankfurt am Main