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My research interests are digital economics, consumer privacy and more broadly economic consequences of policies. Nevertheless, I do not hesitate to cross scientific borders to conduct research on timely topics such as analyzing mitigation strategies of COVID-19 via econometric models.

Digital Economics

My current research focuses on investigating the quantity and quality of third-party data on the internet as well as the implications of such data on the value of targeting. Using a unique and rich data base, I apply statistical models to infer the accuracy of consumer profiles without access to ground-truth data, or structural models to estimate the price of privacy. I also adapt analytical models from rational inattention theory into the context of targeted advertising to analyze how advertisers utilize consumer data to implement socially optimal market environment.

Kraft, L., Miller, K. & Skiera, B. “Privacy and the Prevalence of Inaccuracies in Third-Party Consumer Profiling. Under 1st round of revise and resubmit in Journal of Marketing.

Kraft, L. “Price of Privacy for Online Advertising”. Work in progress.

Kraft, L. “Impact of Data Processing Costs on the Value of Targeting and Consumer Privacy“. Work in progress.


Prior studies indicate the protective role of Ultraviolet-B (UVB) radiation in human health, mediated by vitamin D synthesis. In our research, we empirically outline a negative association of UVB radiation as measured by ultraviolet index (UVI) with the number of COVID-19 deaths. In order to test the robustness of this negative association, we test whether the association vanishes if people stay inside due non-pharmaceutical public health measures such as lockdowns or due to natural phenomena such as monsoon.


Moozhipurath, R.K., Kraft, L. & Skiera, B. “Evidence of protective role of Ultraviolet-B (UVB) radiation in reducing COVID-19 deaths”. Scientific Reports 10, 17705 (2020).

Moozhipurath, R.K., Kraft, L. “Implications of Monsoon Season and UVB Radiation for COVID-19 in India”. Scientific Reports 11, 2757 (2021).

Moozhipurath, R.K., Kraft, L. “Does Lockdown Decrease the Protective Role of Ultraviolet-B (UVB) Radiation in Reducing COVID-19 Deaths?”. Under 1st round of review in Scientific Reports.


Policy Analysis

Policies should be designed to mitigate or solve problems of societies effectively and efficiently. This part of my research analyzes the intended and unintended consequences of policies such as work permit regulations and privacy laws. For example, we outline that the EU Blue Card shifts wages of graduating non-EU students in Germany and only find a minor effect on their likelihood to stay in Germany.

Kraft, L. & Qendrai, P. “Work Permit Regulations and Labor Market Outcomes of Non-EU Graduates in Germany”. Work in progress.

Skiera, B., Jin, Y., Kraft, L., Laub, R., Miller, K. & Schmitt, J. “Impact of GDPR and other Privacy Laws on Different Actors in the Online Advertising Industry”. Work in progress.


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