Lennart Kraft

I am a PhD student in Quantitative Economics at Goethe University Frankfurt since 2016. I work as a research assistant for the Chair of Econometrics and the Chair of Electronic Commerce at Goethe University Frankfurt. Also, I work as the data manager for the Financial Data Repository at Leibniz Institute for Sustainable Architecture for Finance in Europe (LIF-SAFE). I am a research affiliate at the Institute of Labor Economics in Bonn (IZA).

Before starting my PhD I worked as a student assistant at the department of Applied Econometrics and International Economic Policy and at the Center for Business Ethics, both part of Goethe University Frankfurt.

Working Papers


Labor & Migration Economics

  • Impact of Blue-Card on Labor Market Outcomes of non-EU Graduates in Germany (co-author: Pamela Qendrai)
  • The Nations‘ War for Talents (co-author: Pamela Qendrai)

Consumer Targeting & Rational Inattention

  • Consumer Privacy and the Prevalence of Inconsistencies of Third-Party Consumer Profiling (co-authors: Klaus Miller, Bernd Skiera)
  • Information Revelation Strategies in a Market with Rationally Inattentive Advertisers (single author)

COVID-19 & Ultraviolet Radiation